Sunday, May 13, 2012

Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans...

I just realized that it has been 2 MONTHS since I posted last. How on earth could it have been that long? I figured I had better post an update in case any of you were wondering if I had fallen off of the proverbial cliff... I haven't, I'm here, but it has been an interesting few months!

Around the time that I was writing my "dream big" posts, where I was plotting world domination via vintage, I got an offer for a different job. If you have read my My Story page you know that I had been working at home on the weekends for a company since 2010. My new gig is very similar, still work at home, but it is Monday through Thursday during the daytime - much, much better! Also, there is a chance I could eventually get a full time offer, with a raise and maybe even benefits.

Of course this little turn of events has understandably thrown me off more than a little. Here I am plotting the future of my business, and the universe throws me a completely different opportunity. Just to shake things up a bit, as the universe seems to love to do... So, I've been settling into my new schedule and contemplating what I want to do going forward.

To be perfectly honest if the job wasn't a work from home job, I probably wouldn't be considering it quite as seriously. I have no real desire to go back to the office life, though I guess I could probably be persuaded if the paycheck was big enough. That being said, I have a hard time justifying turning down a paying job that lets me work at my own computer, with no need to worry about traffic, or the weather, or the dress code... I know how rare an opportunity that is, especially with a company that I feel good about.

As it stands right now though it is still just a part time gig, so my business is trucking along as usual. If I do end up going full time that is when I will need to really decide how I want to handle my business from that point on - I will definitely NOT be closing it down though, that's for sure. Having been laid off from what I thought was a lifetime position has made me completely distrustful of any job that I'm not in control of - I can't see myself ever living without an independent stream of income again. It is just what that independent stream of income will entail that is up in the air at the moment...

Here's the thing - when you do this online selling stuff as your main source of income, you tend to spend the majority of your time chasing every possible buck. Parts of the job are very enjoyable, and parts of it are pure drudgery and frustration. But since your bills are due next month, you are all in so to speak - so you get to work and make it happen.

If your business isn't your main source of income, it kind of frees you up a bit - you don't necessarily have to chase down every buck, and you have the freedom to choose what you want to do and what you think isn't worth doing. It takes some of the stress out of the whole deal - which, after 5 years of full time selling, is quite appealing to me. Being able to take a day or two off completely from the business without guilt is quite appealing to me too, as is being able to actually take a real, honest to god VACATION - something I haven't done in around 6 years (!!!).

So, I will keep you all posted as things develop - everything is still pretty up in the air as of right now, so only time will tell how it all ends up playing out. In the meantime I am going to TRY to do better about posting here - I've still got a post topic list a mile long, it is just a matter of sitting down and getting them done... :)

And because I feel bad about writing a big long post with not photos in it - somewhat of a blogging sin - here is part of a priceless comic from The Oatmeal about working from home. It's funny because it's TRUE. ;)


Michelle said...

Oh, that comic is funny and you are bad for posting it. LOL! I'm envious of you for getting to work from home. I would LOVE that (again) but not if the person I work for is a sociopath like my last gig I had but driven to quit. At least you have a back up plan that's already working for you!

Soon, soon.. I will launch my Esty shop. I'm rather discouraged about eBay but I do have items that are not vintage and would rather have a bidding style auction with some things. Too bad they're getting too big for their britches.

I wish you all the very best with your new gig and handling your vintage selling as well.

Mitzi Swisher said...

Hey Michelle, sorry I just couldn't resist sharing that comic - it cracks me up every time I see it! ;) Yes working from home is great if you have a good team to work with - which I am lucky enough to have. Working for a psycho is no good no matter where you have to do it! lol

Believe me I get discouraged with eBay too, and if there is anything that might really change if I go full time on my job it might just be my presence on eBay. There is a part of me that would really love to only use it for auctions... For right now though I can't afford to do that, so we'll see how things look down the line...

Don't hesitate to get set up on Etsy - I love selling there and the fees are WAY better than eBay! It has its faults but overall I think it is an excellent venue. :)

Vintagemaison said...

I love the cartoon - and as I share my home, working day, kids etc with my dear OH, all I can say is that it's TRUE - sometimes!

Regarding selling, having a full-time job and still selling online is a great idea as you pointed out, you can concentrate on the bits you like (and if you're like me, it's the BUYING I like) but keeping Ebay/Etsy up is a good fall back plan.

Personally, I prefer to sell on Etsy, but I sell much, much more on Ebay. I also sell a bit on Amazon - I like to spread my risk around - you never know what my happen to Ebay for example.

Which ever path the Universe takes you - good luck with the new job!

Mitzi Swisher said...

hahaha yep it is the BUYING I like too - I shop like there is 3 of me to list stuff! ;) Thanks for the good wishes, I'll keep you all posted if/when things change around here :)

Patsy said...

Oh that did make me laugh, your post and the cartoon. I've been working at home for the past two years part (nearly full) time which has been great(ish), but the corporate giant has just ruled no longer, full time or nowt. I blogged about it. Too Good to be True:;postID=8747134613924647490

So nowt it is.... poorer, but more time for blogging :)